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Today, banking and financial organizations in India have greatly expanded the scope and complexity of their business activities and face a constantly evolving and increasingly complex regulatory environment, with a multitude of Regulatory Authorities governing different areas. Further, it is well-known that all Regulatory Authorities & Statutory Bodies require organizations to establish policies and frameworks that proactively encourage compliance with the rules, regulations and laws of the land across all functions and office locations and make visible any deviations for immediate rectification. Moreover, a compliance failure can result in financial penalties and loss of reputation that can severely impact an organization.

Alpha Plus’ Knowledge Pillar and Consulting Arm – Alpha Plus Consulting & Research Centre (APCORE) is well qualified to assist banking and financial companies in addressing these challenges, solving their most critical business and compliance problems, helping them take better and knowledge-driven decisions and create a self-sustainable environment. APCORE specializes in re-engineering systems / processes to make them agile and adaptive to evolving times, while ensuring that they blend with your institutional culture!

We come with a proven approach and substantial experience across all verticals of the Indian banking industry, practical & implementable regulatory compliance advice, and have been at the forefront in developing innovative and low-cost solutions & answers tailored to each client’s needs in the area of Regulatory Compliance Management, Banking Advisory & Consultancy, Banking policies, Business Process Re-engineering, etc.

We bring the right people with the right experience. Our team consists of veterans and ex-bankers from some of the largest Banks in India, New age Associates from the Banking & Financial Industry, Legal experts, Company Secretaries and Analysts. We are proud of blend of new and experienced in the team! True story – The APCORE Founder comes with 50+ rich years of banking experience!

APCORE - Where knowledge &
experience converge…!

When you are setting-up a new banking institution or when your business is going through a change or a phase of evolution, it takes more than a heroic leadership, a bulletproof strategy, or a newly configured organization structure to succeed. You need an experienced and hands-on team who can systematically help you in setting up the policy framework, stay abreast of the new regulatory requirements, be the mirror to tell you where you stand and the architect who helps you build the new ecosystem and ensure that it is self-sustainable for maintenance in the future.

Here’s what we bring with us:

Guardians of Compliance, who know ‘what is expected by the Regulators!’; ‘what is usually done by the Banks!’; ‘what needs to be done by the Banks!’

Up-to-date repository of Regulatory & Statutory compliance obligations.

Practical advisory backed by a powerful & comprehensive knowledge base with Knowledge Management Tools

A team of experts who have spent considerable years on the other side of the table as well, working in Banks & Financial Institutions

Low-cost solutions & answers tailored to each client’s needs

Sound knowledge of BPR skills and documentation expertise & experience with a variety of banking verticals

Architects who help you to build self-sustainable processes & procedures for the future

Passion & genuine love for systems & procedures solutions supported with technology & strong belief in having a strong foundation of knowledge & compliance.

Our highly qualified and experienced team specializes in facilitating Compliance Management in banks by providing consultancy services ranging from,

    • Drafting / Revamping Compliance Policy

    • Identifying compliance risk areas and fine-tuning control mechanism

    • Mapping a comprehensive repository of 2,000+ regulatory and statutory compliance obligations with the respective functions in the banks to facilitate action-based compliance monitoring

    • Providing most unique and the one and only comprehensive repository of regulatory instructions, updated on real-time basis, which provides the knowledge at fingertips to the compliance functionaries to enable them to discharge their role, as well as to all the employees to enable them to be familiar with regulatory requirements

    • Providing unique Compliance Manuals, updated on real-time basis, dispensing with the need for the banks to draft their own compliance manuals and keep them up-to-date, a herculean task

    • Undertaking Compliance Function Performance Audit to improve compliance effectiveness and ensure robust Compliance Function in banks.

In businesses, policies and procedures reflect the vision, values and culture and these are designed to influence and determine all major decisions and actions, and all activities take place within the boundaries set by them. Policies are the guiding principles or predetermined course of actions, which are established to provide a guide toward accepted business strategies and objectives. Procedures are the specific methods employed to express policies in action in day-to-day operations of the organization. Policies and procedures cannot and should not be designed in isolation or independent of each other; they go hand-in-hand, but are not interchangeable.

Banks are also in business, but highly regulated. Starting from early nineties, liberty was given to banks to frame their own policies, but it had to be done within the boundaries defined by the regulators, leaving very little leeway to use own ingenuity to beat the competition. However, this decade, witnessed, emergence of specific directives in many business areas. Given that scenario, for the policies to be effective and promote operational excellence, should the policies and procedures begin and end with regulations? NO! Organizational ingenuity, values, vision, goals, objectives, unique culture, and the regulations should be finely blended in the bank’s policies and processes to facilitate growth and profitability with compliance. All of these things are quite complex, take an enormous amount of time and energy, require deep understanding of basic banking, along with in-depth knowledge of regulations/statutory provisions, bank’s own values, vision, goals, objectives, and culture, knowledge of latest available technology, and an ability to blend these into easy to understand policies, with adequate flexibility and streamlined as well as automated processes, that can increase efficiency, are cost-effective and ensure compliance with growth and profitability.

The most important aspect in policy or processes framing or BPR is documentation. Well-written documentation is the vital life-line for business operations. It is key to efficient and accurate performance, faster decision making and compliance. Proper documentation enhances the ability to scale up operations and dispenses with expensive training. It helps in succession planning and staff movement based on business exigencies. Documentation, doesn’t really rest with simple narration of the policy or processes. It involves understanding of communication plan, regular updating strategy, maturity and understanding level of operating functionaries, systematic narrative description along with examples, flow process charts, Do’s and Don’ts, FAQs, and indication of consequences for non-compliance on the business entity and the performer.

This is where, Alpha Plus Team of innovative experts with first-hand experience in basic banking, technological acumen, own software development teams, expertise in running the business as leaders, industry best practices, sound knowledge of BPR skills and documentation expertise, assists banks in reviewing/framing existing/new policies and reengineer business processes and document these in the form of Policy Prescription, Manuals, Flow Process Charts, Activity-wise Charts, etc., such that these can be easily understood and implemented at the respective ground levels, without constraining business growth or breaching regulatory requirements. The focus of Team Alpha Plus lies on cost-effective compliance without tears, leveraging technology for automated ‘Best Practice Processes’ rather than automating existing processing with custom-build software solutions, so as to facilitate and ensure regulatory & statutory compliance, and achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Alpha Plus has, over the decades, assisted banks (foreign, private sector, public sector and co-operative banks) in designing and/or reviewing policies in areas ranging from KYC, Compliance, Lending, Auditing, etc., Internal Communication, to preparing manuals, Flow Process Charts, Checklists, designing forms, for almost each and every banking process, ranging from retail banking, commercial lending, auditing, concurrent auditing, compliance, internal governance, forex & treasury, core banking solution transaction processing, product-specific processes, etc.

Alpha Plus is set to venture into additional areas such as –

  • Compliance Function Performance Audits

  • Management Audits

  • Regulatory Inspection Readiness Audits

Training and Online Testing in areas ranging from basic banking, retail banking operations, lending and credit appraisal, innovative auditing, character building, inculcating compliance culture, and other on-the-job training and online testing for further promotions, incentives, increments, etc.

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Alpha Plus Consulting & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. (APCORE), is a company in the Alpha Plus Group. It is currently professionally managed by a Advisory Council comprising of seasoned senior level banking professionals with varied aggregate expertise exceeding 200 years’ in the most important areas of banking in public sector banks, foreign banks, new age private sector banks, and banking regulators.

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