Systematize your secretarial process with confidence


From Meetings to Governance,
we get it ALL covered!

Meet2Govern+ (Me2G+) autopilots the entire secretarial process involved in company and corporate meetings, by truly providing the ease that automation is supposed to bring with it, while also maintaining absolute security and control!
Always on, wherever you go!

Get access to all meeting documents, notes and comments anywhere-anytime in the world! Say No to carrying heavy briefcases for each meeting

Wait less, be more relaxed

No more follow-ups with departments / stakeholders for status and ATR submission; leave it for the system to do it for you!
Lead a more relaxed life!

#1 Solution for all your meetings

Structure and Manage all your Meetings and Directors’ Profile to ensure better compliance, thorough decision-making and good governance practices. Expand usage to all and drive better collaboration!

Meet Your 'MESSIAH' in the Board Room

Meet2Govern+ (Me2G+) is an end-to-end meeting management software, and it’s built keeping Directors, Company Secretaries, Departments and IT Teams in mind. It caters to all their needs via a single, dynamic and scalable tool, to support organizational efficiency and manage entire secretarial process from scheduling meetings to tracking ATR completion for all company meetings.

Personalize & let the solution work for you…

Meet2Govern+ (Me2G+) is designed to be flexible and assist YOU in all the meetings by automating the entire secretarial process of your organization… Pre-Meeting, During Meeting, Post Meeting, from Meeting Notice to Minutes, from Actionable Tracking to Corporate Governance Reports, Director Profiling, etc. Me2G+ can be easily configured to suit the meeting structure of all institutions, including YOURS!

Be smart, play safe – you are important!

Me2G+ is armed with industry leading security standards to ensure all your critical information stays safe and within your reach. Our Mobile App and Web App are verified by experts! The Mobile App with its extremely simple user interface empowers Board Leaders and Executives to embrace the digital age with ease.

The Alpha Plus Suite of Products

Alpha Plus believes in assisting you with everything you need to run the entire meeting management process at one place. But there’s more to the story. Take a look at what else you can do with Alpha Plus Suite of Products.

With this task assignment & tracking software, enable a control over implementation of the day-to-day regulatory instructions in a time-bound manner

A comprehensive & extremely popular regulatory & statutory knowledge repository for the Indian BFSI industry

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship

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