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From manual woes to wows!

Teams rely on InstaManuals+ (IM+) to make it easier than ever to create well-defined, indexed, auto-numbered, easy-to-update policies, procedures and manuals, accessible to the workforce across the enterprise, thereby supporting continuous improvement, training efforts and a knowledgeable workforce!

Get started to develop your knowledge hub

Your manuals, your way

Define your own index structure – Volumes, Sections, Chapters, Topics etc., use custom workflows to define reviewers & approvers, with notifications and reminders sent to people who need to review and approve manuals/SOP. YOUR MANUALS, YOUR WAY!

Version management at its best

The system allows for revisions/amendments of any particular section, topic or even chapter of a manual/SOP. All the versions of every amended paragraph are maintained for reference at any later date. See modifications that an SOP/Manual has undergone with ease.

Accessibility with suitable referencing

Enjoy centralized referencing with cross-linking feature to link paragraphs & sections within and outside the content repository.

Live tracking

Enable live tracking of approval status for each manual to know ‘who approved’, ‘when’ or ‘where is it pending’.

Query management

Facilitate raising of and responding to queries on specific content using the Queries’ feature.

Easy retrieval

Disseminate latest procedures/Manuals to employees, Search for Manuals/SOP by keywords or metadata, bookmark your frequently referred topics.

Toggle between views for ease & comfort of reading

Bookmark important & Frequently referred topics

Append enclosures across all sections in any desired format

Secure access through ‘controlled print’ & ‘rights’ based access

Configure & Implement

Tailor your InstaManuals+ Solution to meet the needs of your team.


IM+ is adaptive to your needs. With IM+ you get the flexibility to configure your own approval workflows – from the simplest to the most complex, create categories or types of SOPs/Manuals/HOW-TOs, define structure of the documents, etc. Our team shall assist you with industry best practices through this journey.


Once you procure IM+, you are in our safe hands! We have an in-house team of experts who handle the entire process from procurement to implementation to successfully make the system run for you – the way you want! We also assist organizations with capturing legacy SOPs/Manuals/Procedures, etc. if required to have the electronic copies and repository available on day 1 of usage.

Training & Client Assistance​

Our engagement does not end once you become a client; It is only the beginning of a long-standing association. Our in-house support desk extends technical assistance whenever you need us.

We also offer specialized training and best practices audits for your teams to make sure they are comfortable with various features & functionalities & deriving maximum value.

InstaManuals+ is a all-in-one knowledge hub for creation, approval and dissemination of your SOPs and Manuals.

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