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Transforming Governance

The Solution is created for the Management of Board Meetings, Board Committee Meetings, Executive / Management Meetings….

It has everything that your board leaders are looking for....

Highlight, annotate, save your notes on-the-go! 

Annotate documents, manage notes or add comments with a choice to have easy collaboration with other meeting participants. Go Paperless and say bye to carrying bulky agenda papers in meetings.

Ease & comfort to read & peruse

Experience one-click navigation across all agenda items… delivered within seconds of dispatch by meeting organizers, while reaching only your hands from tight layers of security!

Personalized calendar

Your personalized calendar to give you an indication of upcoming meetings which require your presence. Confirm or decline your availability for meeting with a simple click!

Witness the solutions search capability

Search for any agenda, minutes or published minutes within seconds, at your convenience, using text-based parameterized search.

It has everything that your Company Secretaries are looking for...

Lead a more relaxed life

No more follow-ups with department functions for Agenda Submission or Action Taken Report (ATR) status; leave it for the system to do this for you!

Save precious time

Search any Agenda / Minutes within seconds, at your convenience, using the text-based, parameterized search… no need to search through files and papers!

Centralized corporate governance reports

Me2G+ stores all relevant information pertaining to the directors like – Director’s Appointment & Cessation, Membership History, Associations & Relations, Meetings Attended in a given period, associated Sitting Fees in addition to record of statutory requirements to be adhered to by the director at a single place!

Set a record time for agenda compilation & minutes preparation

Compile ready-to-share agenda packet within minutes in the sequence you desire and create Meeting Minutes with easy flexible templates.

Agenda management with flexible workflow & adequate control

Provision of Maker – Checker – Approver workflow for agenda preparation. Easy interface to upload agenda papers along with all supporting documents and enclosures. Track movement of papers, sitting from your cabin

Circular resolution

Fast track decision on urgent agenda by circulating Circular Resolutions to meeting members. The resolution can be voted upon and the result of voting can be disseminated to the respective stakeholders.

Configure & Implement

Tailor your Meet2Govern+ Solution to meet the needs of your team.


Me2G+ can be configured to your needs. With Me2G+ you get the flexibility to define your own agenda and minutes workflows, set up committees with membership details, create meeting notice templates and everything else as per your company needs. Our team shall assist you with industry best practices through this journey.


Once you procure Me2G+, leave it to us to make your secretarial transformation vision come true! We have an in-house team of functional and technical experts who handle the implementation process right from procurement to successfully making the system live for you – the way you want!

Training & Client Assistance​

Our engagement does not end once you become a client; It is only the beginning of a long-standing association. Our in-house support desk extends technical assistance whenever you need us.

We also offer specialized training and best practices audits for your teams to make sure they are comfortable with various features & functionalities & deriving maximum value.

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