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InstaManuals+ (IM+) brings every Process, Manual, Policy, How-to’s, Standard Operating Procedure, for every function together into one solution in a well-defined and easy-to-update manner that makes it easier than ever to ensure everyone knows what to do & scale their knowledge for better performance!

Create a powerful knowledge hub!

One minute your business is doing great, and the next minute, it is anything but great. This is the case when you work without SOPs. The quality of your product or service is not guaranteed. A knowledge base is a crucial part of any company. With IM+, manage centralized SOP life cycle that includes automated workflow for creation, review, approval and dissemination.

Experience the Power!

Easy access & keep it relevant

Policies & Manuals are most effective when they can be easily located and updated. IM+ stores information in a light-weight e-book format making it easy to distribute, search across topics, make revisions and see changes that the information has undergone.

Knowledge at every turn!

More power to the team!
IM+ is a web-based system for organized creation of manuals in a well-defined structure with unique provisions of adding attachments, external – internal reference links, maintaining centralized FAQs, enabling easy navigation with viewing options, etc.

Ensure easy accessibility for the entire workforce!

Meet Your ‘Talisman’ in the Era Of Digital​

InstaManuals (IM+) is a work-flow based product that stores innumerable Manuals / SOPs along with flowchart, diagrams and attachments in an easy to access light weight e-book format. It facilitates searching across various topics, streamlining the regular updation of manuals / SOP and also provides systematic index and section-wise viewing.

Make it easy for your customer-facing teams

InstaManuals+ (IM+) is more than a collection of digitally stored manuals / SOPs. It’s a smart knowledge base that is designed to be robust and flexible in assisting YOU and your team at every step – Create, Review, Edit, Up-keep, Disseminate, Search and Manage Queries. Ensures consistent and well structured process documentation with knowledge-enabled workforce, equipped to achieve highest standards of quality and customer service!

Traceability & version control

One of the hassles of printed SOPs is trying to figure out if you are dealing with the most recent version. This usually means looking through every different version you can find to make sure different employees aren’t using different versions. Get access to the centralized and secure document repository in IM+ that allows users to view up-to-date documents. While an up-to-date SOP is important, it is also important to see changes that an SOP has undergone. With InstaManuals+ , compare versions to know the edits and modifications.

The Alpha Plus Suite of Products​

Alpha Plus believes in assisting you with everything to create a one-stop central hub for creation and management of Manuals / SOPs and Policies in well-structured format at one place. But there’s more to the story. Take a look at what else you can do with Alpha Plus Suite of Products.

A comprehensive & extremely popular regulatory & statutory knowledge repository for the Indian BFSI industry

Knowledge base is a crucial part of any company’s customer experience strategy. A web-based solution for management of Internal Circulars of an Organization.

Information residing in KMT, InstaCirculars+ & InstaManuals+ can be linked to achieve cross-linkage across all kinds of information

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