Reasons managers can benefit from using a task management software

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October 8, 2020


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The foundation of every success-oriented team revolves greatly around effective time management, which is arguably the most crucial aspect in any line of work. It allows professionals to bifurcate their day basis priority and hence, ensure completion of all deadline-based tasks. Effective time management lays down a guide to create a work plan. The trick is not to maximize time spent on work but to minimize time spent in organizing different layers of tasks so that the focus is directed towards actually finishing the task at hand.

An important subset of managing time is TASK MANAGEMENT, which helps managers and professionals map out their schedule, keep things organized, practice multitasking, and delegate responsibilities. Task management enables individuals to keep track of all tasks and determine whether or not a task is going to be completed on time. Although completion is the end result, this process brings about planning, organizing, executing, tracking, reporting, and evaluating all deadline-based tasks in an organization. An efficient way of managing tasks saves enough time and resources for businesses to grow. Hence, task management must:

  1. provide scalability and flexibility in the creation and customization of all tasks
  2. help to centralize the work and hence minimize the risk of data loss
  3. encourage teamwork and provide uninterrupted communication to increase overall productivity
  4. easily prioritize tasks basis business requirement
  5. set reminders for timely execution of all tasks

And how better to facilitate these pointers, then with a Task Management Application…

Task management software can either help an individual to achieve 100% completion of all tasks assigned to him or groups of individuals to collaborate and share knowledge for the accomplishment of a collective goal. It helps to replicate the manual process of task delegation and monitoring into a self-driven course to automatically assign tasks, send reminders before due – dates, monitor the completion status, escalate whenever necessary and export reports to be submitted to the top management.

How can you as a manager benefits from having task management software at your workplace…??

  • Incorporation of a one-point platform for delegation and management of all due – date-based tasks.

Consider an application that allows a stakeholder to report, assign, complete and monitor tasks assigned to their team, rather than following a zillion other ways to ensure completion.

  • Calendar view of all tasks

Dispose notepads. Nothing replaces a calendar that not only provides a daily/monthly/yearly view of all your deadline-based tasks but also a hyperlink to provide additional details of every tasks.

  • Automated and frequent reminders to eliminate manual follow-ups

Overlook remembering important/regulatory deadlines. Avoid the hassle of manual follow-ups to get work done. Look for an application that facilitates multi-frequency reminders for one – time or recurrent tasks.

  • Live monitoring of tasks

Avoid micromanaging and adapt an efficient way to ensure task completion before the deadline. Provide directions to the team whilst the task is being completed. Ensure a trail of iterations/communication between the manager and the team.

  • Availability of a central repository of all tasks

Avoid investing in a separate database to store task details. Get used to a common place for all your Ongoing / Completed / On – Hold / Discarded tasks and its intricate details at one place.

  • Availability of comprehensive reports for submission to the management

Impress upon timely completion. Encourage time investment to finish the task instead of creating material to be submitted to the management. Let the software do its job of consolidating data to be submitted to the management at a certain periodicity for reporting purposes. All – in – all, Say Bye to the old manual way of working and focus on helping the team reach their milestones with our Task Management Tool.

Disclaimer: All views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the blog / article belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual(s).

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